Take the bait, reel in the fun, and cast into the future!A 4-H Sportfishing Leader training workshop will be offered on an as needed basis. Talk to your regional 4-H leader about the possibility of starting a 4-H sportfishing program in your area.

People who have an interest in natural resources programs in general and/or fishing can be a 4-H sportfishing volunteer. The main prerequisites are that they like working with children and are interested in helping them to learn good stewardship values. The flier near the end of this memo gives you some information about the 4-H Sportfishing program to share with them.Alabama 4-H Sportfishing Logo

It"s an activity for everyone--girls, boys, young, old, city folks, and country folks. Participation in 4-H Sportfishing is not limited by skill or physical abilities. The program is open to youth ages 9 to 19.

After learning about fishing and field safety, participants get to practice angling skills and learn more about tackle crafting, people and fish, and aquatic ecology. Along the way, they'll discover the answers to such questions as "Which lure should I use when?" or "Where's the best place in the lake to catch bass? Or bluegill? Or any other kind of fish?"

What can 4-H Sportfishing do for young people and their families? The goals for the program are:

* Practice and develop the life skills of decision making, communicating, leading self and others, planning and organizing, and learning to learn

* Expose participants to the broad array of lifelong activities related to sportfishing

* Strengthen families through lifelong recreational activities

* Understand a variety of fish species

* Use a variety of sportfishing equipment

* Make and repair fishing tackle

* Understand the ecological and social basics of fisheries management

* Fish responsibly

* Develop caring relationships as well as life-long appreciation for sportfishing.

If you are interested in 4-H Sportfishing for your child, contact your County Extension Office. If there is no 4-H Sportfishing club in your community, you and/or other interested parents should contact your local 4-H leader or

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