The staff of 5 Rivers is dedicated to making your visit here educational, memorable and fun for the whole family.  We are:

Hank Burch



Hank Burch, Manager







Shonda Borden



Shonda Borden, Assistant Manager -






Maureen Henson


Maureen Henson, Administrative Assistant









Katherine Reeves, Event Coordinator










Ben Bloom, Cypress Welcome Center and Gift Shop Manager








Mary Martin, Cypress Welcome Center and Gift Shop Clerk









Kathy Hicks, Education and Outreach








Mark and Ra the Red-Tailed Hawk



Mark Wetzel, Education and Outreach









Sean Lindell, Maintenance Supervisor








Jason Brown, Maintenance Repair








Onree Wilson, Maintenance Crew








Terry Wood, Maintenance Crew







Sheila Shreiner, Custodian (pic coming soon!)

Rachel White, Maintenance Crew (pic coming soon!)

Mike McCarroll, Maintenance Crew (pic coming soon!)