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Carp in Alabama

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All carp species in Alabama are exotic; they are not native. Some Alabama anglers fish for common carp and grass carp. The Alabama angling record common carp is 35 pounds, and the grass carp record is 70 pounds. Recently introduced species, like the silver carp and bighead carp, have been caught by anglers. Carp compete with other aquatic species. Grass carp are useful for reducing weeds in ponds, but no fish may be stocked in Alabama waters without a special permit. Carp are actually part of the minnow family.

Carp are common in most larger Alabama bodies of water including streams.
Common carp, like this one from the Tennessee River
at Ditto's Landing, are common in larger waters
throughout Alabama.

Note: In Alabama, it is illegal to stock or move any fish, mussel, snail or crayfish to any public water without a permit.

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