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Fish Rarely Seen by Anglers

Desperate Dozen - Desperate Dozen: Fish Species on the Brink of Extinction

Anchovy - A small fish that is generally considered estuarine, the bay anchovy has been collected 270 miles upstream of Mobile Bay.

Cavefish - Two species of cavefishes have been found in Alabama, including one unique to Alabama.

Darters - The "Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin" lists 70 species of darters found in Alabama.

Lampreys - This most primitive Alabama fish looks like an eel, but it lacks a hinged jaw.

Livebearers - Livebearers are a family of small, surface-dwelling fish with rounded tails whose eggs are fertilized inside the female's body and whose young are fully developed at birth.

Madtom Catfish - These diminutive catfishes need streams with clean, rocky bottoms to live.

Minnows - The minnow family has 88 representatives that live in Alabama, as identified by the "Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin."

Mooneye - Although they resemble shad, mooneye and goldeye have lateral lines and have eyes nearly double those of any other Alabama fish species of similar size.

Pirate Perch - This small perch-looking species has unique characteristics, including the anal opening of adults being near their throat.

Pygmy Sunfish - Three species of pygmy sunfish are found in Alabama, including one endemic.

Sculpin - Three species of sculpins live in Alabama, including one only found in Alabama.

Silverside - Named for the silver stripe that runs along their sides, the silversides are diminutive, translucent fishes that occur in small schools near the surface of quieter waters of larger streams and impoundments.

Sole - Hogchoker have both eyes on the right side of their head and no pectoral fins, so this small sole is easy to identify.

Sucker - The "Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin" lists 22 species of sucker found in Alabama and one species that is now extinct.

Topminnow - Topminnows are relatively small fish with rounded tails that live near the water surface generally in quiet, shallow water.

Partnership - Southeast Partnership To Protect Fish and Their Habitats

USFWS News Release - Fish and Wildlife Service conducts five-year status review of 25 threatened and endangered species.

Alabama Ranked Third in Imperiled Fishes - Birmingham News reported on the relatively high number of imperiled aquatic species in Alabama.

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