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Madtom Catfish

Black - The black madtom is a relatively heavy-bodied, dark catfish that most frequently lives in small to medium-sized Coastal Plain and Piedmont streams.
Brindled - In Alabama, the brindled madtom is limited to the Coastal Plain of the Bear Creek system, a tributary to the Tennessee River.
Elegant - Few specimens of elegant madtoms are known from Alabama and all came from Bear Creek or northern tributaries to the Tennessee River.
Frecklebelly - Due to its need for clean gravel in large streams and rivers, the frecklebelly madtom numbers have declined recently because of siltation and impoundments.
  Freckled - Similar to the black madtom, the freckled madtom has 15 to 16 anal fin rays.
  Mountain - Though only a few mountain madtoms have been collected in Alabama, specimens collected in the Alabama portion of the Elk River indicate that mountain madtoms continue to be a part of Alabama's fauna.
  Slender - The slender madtom is the only Tennessee River madtom with marginal black bands in its median fins and a yellow spot on its nape.
  Speckled - Perhaps the most widespread madtom in Alabama, the speckled madtom has scattered black spots over the upper body and fins, a protruding upper jaw, and short pectoral spines devoid of teeth.
  Stonecat - The stonecat is Alabama's only madtom with an extension reaching backward from each band of premaxillary teeth.
  Tadpole - The tadpole madtom has the appearance of being bent and is found in the Coastal Plain.

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