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The Dallas County Lake fishing pier is accessible by wheelchair.
Dallas County Lake has a covered fishing pier.

Men fishing on Dallas County Lake Fishing Pier
The fishing pier has adjacent fishing structure.

A feeder is used to help pull fish close to the pier.

Dallas County Lake public fishing pier is a popular place to fish.
The pier is close to the concession building.

Maurice Jackson assists with sinking fish attactors into Dallas County Lake.

Fish attractors are marked for easy use by anglers.


Dallas County Lake is fertilized to improve fish production.
Fertilizing a lake is the key to the productivity of the water.

Jay Haffner adds ammonium phosphate to increase fish production in Dallas County Lake.
Jay Haffner is dropping granular fertilizer onto a submerged platform.


Fisheries Biologist Jay B. Haffner adds fertilizer to Dallas County Lake to improve fish production.
Water currents generated by wave action will distribute the nitrogen and phosphorus around the lake.

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