Fishing and Floating Autauga Creek

Autauga CreekAutauga Creek is a Coastal Plain stream that is floatable from Prattville to the Alabama River; however, a trip all the way to the Alabama River requires an upstream paddle to Cooters Pond for a landing.  A four mile canoe trail was established by the Autauga Creek Improvement Committee, as part of the City of Prattville.  Their trail begins at a park behind City Hall and ends at the Canoe Trail Park behind the animal shelter. The Committee's Website include a map of the creek and a video made during a trip down the creek. Their Website also includes precautions that should be taken.

Autauga Creek has been declared a navigable waterway from the mill dam, downtown Prattville, to the Alabama River by the State of Alabama.  Upstream of the dam, the bottom of the creek is considered the property of the adjacent landowner.

For more information on Autauga Creek, please contact the District III Fisheries Office.