Motor Boat HandlingLearn how to trailer, launch, board, and operate an outboard motorboat. Safety equipment is demonstrated as well. Practice backing trailers, launching boats, and starting motors. A real confidence builder!

Canoeing at the Fall 2006 Alabama BOWBasic CanoeingLearn the basic knowledge and skills needed to be safe on the water and have a good time in a canoe. We will focus on tandem (two-person) paddling - learning basic strokes, moving around in the boat and maneuvering. Class will also include preparation, equipment, and safety. **Prerequisite: Must be able to swim.**

Canoe Lake Tour—This class will give you the opportunity to practice the skills learned in basic canoeing on Lay Lake. Feel comfortable enough on the water to venture out of the slough on to the lake and experience an exciting hands-on canoeing adventure!  **Prerequisite: Must have taken Basic Canoeing and must be able to tread water or float for one minute without a life jacket, swim for 25 yards without a life jacket, and swim 25 yards wearing a life jacket. Note: Only offered in October session.**