Backyard Wildlife—If you want to make your backyard a haven for wild creatures, don’t miss this class. Learn the habitat needs, plant selection and other limiting factors.

Bird Watching—A must for beginning birders. Learn the basics of bird identification, field guide and equipment selection. Bring your binoculars for the field session!

Predators & Prey - In this class you will explore the intricate relationships between wildlife species. We will discuss specific animals found in Alabama and the interactions they must have with other species in order to survive. Physical and behavioral traits of both predators and prey will be examined and explained using live animal examples. Participants will gain a new appreciation for the wild dramas being lived out all around us, and will also discover where they fit into the complex web of animal relationships. Session features live animals!!!!

Reading the Woods—The woods are full of “signs”  and "stories" that reveal fascinating facts about the wildlife and plants  inhabiting them. Explore the forest with expert interpreters who share secrets for increasing observation skills, interpreting "signs", and listening to nature's stories.

Wildlife ID -   A hands-on class about wildlife identification utlilizing tracks, hides, skulls, skins and sound to ID native Alabama species. In this class participants will get the opportunity to touch and feel many different hides, skulls and skins to learn about each animal. After learning about the tracks you will be able to make your own to take home.