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Project WET Activities Related to Creek Kids

The alphabetical listing of Project WET activities is found on page iv and page 488 (Appendices) of the book.



Activity Name

Activity Theme

K  8  A-maze-ing Water  types of pollution at home
K 5  Aqua Bodies  amount of water needed to sustain life
K 5  Aqua Notes  why humans need water
6 12  Back to the Future  watershed planning and management
6 8  Branching Out  predicting the movement of surface water
3 5  Capture, Store, and Release  the purpose and function of a wetland
 6  8  Common Water  finding a balance, water is a shared resource
6 12  Dilemma Derby  clean water is a societal and moral issue
K 12  A Drop in the Bucket  water, a limited resource
9 12  Dust Bowls and Failed
 our attitude toward water related disasters 
6 8  Easy Street  the history of water use in North America
3 8  Energetic Water  water can be useful energy source
6 8  Every Drop  water conservation today and in the future
6 12  Get the Ground Water
 potential threats to ground water sources
6 12  A Grave Mistake  tracking ground water pollution and remediation
3 12  Hangin' Together  the make-up of water sustains life
3 8  Humpty Dumpty  a restoration plan for damaged habitat
3 8  Imagine  the water cycle
3 8  The incredible Journey  components of the water cycle
3 8  Just passing Through  why are riparian zones are important
 K  5  The Life Box  learning 4 essentials factors to all living things
3 12  Life in the Fast Lane  the stress of surviving a temporary wetland
K 12  The Long Haul  does access to water determines how much we use
3 8  Macroinvertebrate  Mayhem  macroinvertebrate diversity versus pollution
3 8  Money down the Drain  determining the amount of water wasted by a leaky faucet
6 8  Pass the Jug  water rights, who owns the water resources
6 12  Perspectives  attitudes and beliefs towards water management
6 12  The Pucker Effect  discovering ground water pollution
3 8  Rainy-Day Hike  mapping where your school is in the watershed
K 5  Stream Sense  using your own 5 senses to observe
3 8  Sum of Parts  shows how everyone contributes to the pollution of a river
6 8  Thirsty Plants  water cycle and the role plants play
6 12  Water Actions  researching projects that address water issues
9 12  Water Court  dealing with conflicts involving water
3 5  Water in Motion  appreciate the sound and movement of water in the environment
 3 8  Water Models  students build their own water cycle model
K 12  Water Write  students express their feelings about water through their writings
 6  12  Whose Problem is it?  world population and the long-term environmental effects

A look at some Aquatic WILD activities and Project WILD activities related to Creek Kids.

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