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Illegal Aquatic Plants in Alabama

Alabama Regulation 220-2-.124: Alabama Nonindigenous Aquatic Plant Control Act
For  the purposes of enforcement of Sections 9-20-1 through 9-20-7, Code of Alabama 1975, enacted by Act No. 95-767, as the "Alabama Nonindigenous Aquatic Plant Control Act," the following list of all nonindigenous aquatic plants which are prohibited by Section 9-20-3 from being introduced or placed or caused to be introduced or placed into public waters of the state is established:

African elodea, alligatorweed, Brazilian elodea, curlyleaf pondweed, Eurasian watermilfoil, floating waterhyacinth, giant salvinia, hydrilla, hygrophila, limnophila, parrot-feather, purple loosestrife, rooted waterhyacinth, spinyleaf naiad, water-aloe, water lettuce, water chestnut, and water spinach

Aquatic plants that are illegal under federal law as of June 30, 2006, include: mosquito fern or water velvet (Azolla pinnata), Mediterranean clone of caulerpa (Caulerpa taxifolia), anchored waterhyacinth (Eichornia azurea), hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillato), Miramar weed (Hygrophila polysperma), water-spinach (Ipomoea aquatica), Lagarosiphon major, ambulia (Limnophila sessiliflora), Melaleuca quinquenervia, Monochoria hastata, Ottelia alismoides, arrowhead (Sagittaria sagittifola), giant Salvina (Salvinia auriculata, S. biloba, S. herzogii, and S. molesta), wetland nightshade (Solanum tampicense), exotic bur-reed (Sparganium erectum).

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