Cover Photo by Russell W. Brown

2012 Photo Contest Winners
Presenting this year"s photo contest winners in 10 categories: Birds, Scenic/Pictorial, Reptiles/Amphibians/Fish, Wild Flora, Nature-based Activities, Mammals, Other Wildlife, State Parks, Youth Ages 6-12 and Youth Ages 13-18.

Photos as they appeared in magazine (pdf)

Individual photos


Scouting for Spring Turkeys
Increasing your chances of successfully harvesting a turkey means doing some homework before the season begins. Here's some scouting advice to take into consideration.
By David Rainer

The Forever Wild Land Trust: How Much Is Enough?
How much public land does Alabama have and where is it located? Answers to this and more in this article about Alabama's premier public land program.
By Gregory M. Lein

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Wood Duck
By Phil Miller