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This largemouth bass was caught during the Fall 2010 Alabama Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshop.

Maurice King caught a largemouth bass using a bluegill and a stringer.
This 5 lb. 6 oz. largemouth bass was caught on a stringer with a bluegill on the bank of Lake Purdy. No hook! The hungry bass swallowed the bluegill staked out on a stringer by Maurice King, and the bass couldn't let go. 



Joshua Dawson of Smith's Station hung this 5 lb and 2 oz bass while fishing from the bank of Chambers County Lake on Saturday, August 14, 2010 with his family. 

 Larry Norris with a huge bass.
Larry Norris caught this huge bass from a managed Butler County pond. It is not surprising that a well-managed Alabama pond produces giant fish, but Larry caught this fish on August 10, 2010, during one of the hottest dog day summers on record.

Huge bass comes from fishing managed ponds with lots of forage, and from great anglers like Sara Helms.
Traci with a fine pond largemouth bass.
Traci caught this largemouth bass with a 3-inch blue and white Berkley PowerBait Shad on July 5, 2010.
Dad got the small one again, but he still looks happy.  Take your son fishing for Father's Day!
largemouth bass
This largemouth bass was caught from a Cahulga Creek watershed lake in the spring of 2010 by Kevin Duke.

10-pound, 4-oz
This ten-pound, 4-ounce largemouth bass was caught during an April field trip by this Mountain Brook Junior High student, April 2010. Nice job!

Matthew Applebaum with a nice largemouth bass
Matthew Applebaum caught this 8-7 Largemouth Bass from a private lake on May 30, 2010

girl with large bass
Nothing like being with someone when they catch their largest fish ever, March 2010.

On April 2, 2010, Walter Blackmon of Lafayette, AL caught two bass weighing in at 9 lbs. 7 ozs. and 5 lbs from Chambers County Lake.

Steve Darr came from St. Louis to enjoy the fishing at Pickwick Lake.

 Big Pond Bass
This bass was caught in April of 2010 from an Alabama pond.

14 lb and 1.5 oz largemouth bass caught by Kevin Glover on April 2, 2010, at Escambia County Lake

In April, ponds are a great place to catch largemouth bass.

Lee Kennedy with a 10-pound plus largemouth bass from a pond in Shelby County.
Lee Kennedy caught this whopper over 10-pounds from a Shelby County pond on a June bug colored trick worm and eight pound test line.

Fun is catching a largemouth bass on a fly.

Eunice Triggs caught this whopper in Lake LU in March of 2010. Ms. Triggs caught the monster on a Zebco 202 with a #7 long shank hook and 8 pound test fishing line baited with "dug bait."

March is a great time to pond fish, especially after a cold front has passed three or more days ago.

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