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Alabama Caught Grass Carp

 Brad Bridges caught this grass carp on April 10, 2012
Brad Bridges caught this Alabama record grass carp from Lake Guntersville on April 10, 2012.  The official weight is 73 pounds. Caught on a Strike King redeye plug-green and white using 30-lb braided line.

Corey Davis with a grass carp taken while bow fishing.
Corey Davis holds up a grass carp he shot while bow fishing during the summer of 2012.

Grass carp
can put up quite a fight, Monroe County Lake, Fall 2011.

man with big grass carp
Monroe County Lake
has some large grass carp.
John Mayer with a nice grass carp
John Mayer caught this grass carp from a private lake on September 24, 2010, using a tomato for bait.

Michael White, Jr., strains to hold his 70-pound Alabama grass carp, a former record caught on April 12, 1999, from Lake Martin.

 Grass carp caught on a fly in a pond.
Dr. Rob Angus shows a grass carp he landed using fly and fly rod on April 28, 2006.

Samuel Gothard shot this 65-pound grass carp at Lay Lake in August of 2008. Here is his account of what happened: “We had been at it for about 4 or 5 hours when I saw something moving through the grass. This thing was so big that all I could see was the grass parting on either side of it. I raised up my bow and then pow – I shot and I got him. Boy, he was a hard one to reel in – I actually had to have three others to shoot arrows into him and it took almost all of us to wrestle him up into the boat. I was so excited – I haven’t been bow fishing long but from the first time I went I knew it was for me; it just makes my heart pound ninety to nothing. It is such an adrenaline rush to love a sport like this one. It is somewhat different than normal fishing, but it is just awesome to be out on the water late at night with the lights shining down into the water. It is so much fun that I hardly ever pick up a rod and reel anymore. This is my natural high – no need for drugs when you are involved in sports such as bow fishing.”

Grass Carp
The grass carp was caught by Blake Beddingfield with a worm in Stonegate Farms Lake in Shelby County. The fish was released after it was caught, even though their flesh is considered excellent once the small bones are removed.

Brett caught this grass carp from Madison County Lake in March of 2007.


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