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Anglers' Catches

Anglers' Alabama Catches of Yellow Perch
Perca flavescens

Yellow Perch
Andrew Ekema shows off his first yellow perch, a Guntersville fish caught on May 25, 2013. 
Yellow Perch
This yellow perch was caught from Isaac Creek off of the Alabama River, Spring 2013.
 Yellow perch picture taken by George Griffin, Jr.
This beautiful picture of a yellow perch was taken by George Griffin, Jr. of a fish that was caught in a Somerville pond. Yellow perch are not recommended for stocking in Alabama ponds.
Jon Hornsby caught this yellow perch from Thurlow Lake
Jon Hornsby caught this yellow perch on March 14, 2012 from Thurlow Lake.
Another tasty yellow perch taken by Jon Hornsby.
Jim Blankenship caught this yellow perch from the Alabama River near Autaugaville  in November 2011.

yellow perch
Not all yellow perch are real colorful, as Jacob Duke shows with his 2010 catch from the Tallapoosa basin.

A nice yellow perch from Yates Lake.

Ernest Pattillo with an Alabama yellow perch
Winter is the best time to catch yellow perch in Alabama.  Larger yellow perch eat small fish; all yellow perch eat aquatic insects.

yellow perch from Lake Martin using a minnow
Yellow perch love minnows. This yellow perch was taken from Lake Martin in February 2008 by the Champions.

Yellow Perch caught in Alabama
Colored pectoral fins, pelvic fins, and anal fin are characteristic of yellow perch during breeding season.



Yellow Perch Picture by angler Jon Hornsby from Thurlow.

Yellow Perch
Yellow Perch caught from Eight Mile Creek, Mobile County, in July of 2006 by Mr. Troy Willis.

Zeke holding a yellow perch on Thurlow
January 3, 2007, Zeke Worst holding a yellow perch caught in Graveyard Creek, Thurlow Reservoir.


Ernest Pattillo with a yellow perch on Yates
In 2004, Ernest Pattillo caught this yellow perch on Yates Reservoir.

Yellow Perch from Lake Thurlow

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