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Dale County Public Fishing Lake

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near Ozark, Alabama

Keith Stinson
861 Myrtle Drive
Ozark, AL 36360
(334) 774-0588

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Dale County (Ed Lisenby Lake) is a 92 acre lake located 1 mile north of Roy Parker Road (County Road 36) in Ozark, Alabama.

Directions: From intersection with U.S. Highway 27, take U.S. Highway 231 north for 1 mile, then right on County Road 36 (Roy Parker Road) for 2-1/2 miles, then left on Myrtle Drive for 1/2 mile to Ed Lisenby Lake.

Lake is open Sunrise to Sunset as follows:
Dale County Lake is open year round except Wednesdays, the Thanksgiving holidays and the Christmas to New Year holidays.

Fishing: Dale County Lake was drained and re-stocked with bass, bluegill, and shellcracker in 2011. The lake was re-opened for fishing in July 2012, and has been producing excellent fishing every since opening day.
Bass: The initial stocking of bass grew very fast, with some bass caught this winter in the 6 to 7 pound range. The lake currently has a 10 bass per angler limit, but only one bass over 16 inches can be harvested per day. Anglers are encouraged to harvest small bass, but the bigger ones are being protected for trophy bass in the near future.
Bluegill and redear sunfish: Bluegill and shellcracker were initially hand size or smaller and very abundant. As the sunfish population has been reduced, anglers are not catching as many but the fish are better quality. Shellcracker have really done well, with nearly 5,000 caught since October 2013 and averaging almost a third of a pound each.
Catfish: The catfish stocked in the fish-out pond have been nearly fished out, but anglers are catching many out of the main lake now.
Crappie: This lake does not contain crappie.
For more information on the fish population at Dale County Lake, please contact the District IV Fisheries office at (334) 347-9467.

Pier at Dale County LakeFor operation hours and general information, contact the lake office at (334) 774-0588.  Dale County Lake is closed each Wednesday. The rules of what may be kept are posted at each lake. Before fishing, check to see what types and sizes of fish may be kept.

Facilities: Clean public restrooms and concessions are available, including a wide variety of fishing tackle, live and artificial baits, and other fishing supplies, as well as drinks and refreshments. An accessible fishing pier makes it easy to reach deeper water without using a boat. Fish attractors have been added around the lake. Boats are also available for rent; a launching ramp is available for anglers with their own boats. Boats may have an outboard motor attached, but anglers may not use the outboard motor, only the trolling motor.

Licenses, Permits and Boat Rental 

Normal Fishing License Requirements Apply to Anglers Age 16 or Older
or a Wildlife Heritage License Works
(Fishing licenses are available at Dale County Lake, and they may be purchased at other retailers, Probate offices, via Internet or over the telephone.)
Daily Fishing Permit Required in Addition to License for Angler Age 12 and Older $3.00
Boat Rental Permit (Daily fishing permit also required.) $5.00
Launch Permit for Personal Boat $3.00

Rental Equipment

Life Preserver (PFD) (Boater required to have own PFD or rent PFD.)  
 Trolling Motor  
Cushion Rental  
Package Deal
includes Fishing Permit, Boat Rental, Trolling Motor, Battery, PFD, Paddle, Cushion, and Anchor



Worms (red worms, jumpers, night crawlers, wax worms and meal worms) Available
Crickets (half tube - approximately 50) Available
Crickets (full tube - approximately 100) Available
Toughie Minnows (fathead minnows) and Golden Shiners Available
Chicken Liver Available

Regulations (partial list; complete regulations are available in the current regulation book and the "Alabama Game, Fish, and Wildlife Law Book"):

(1) Any person 12 years old or older must have a valid daily fishing permit in possession to fish. No child younger than 12 years old can legally be left unaccompanied by an adult.

(2) The daily creel, possession and size limits for each species are posted at the lake.

(3) Fishing is limited to daylight hours, or as specified by the lake manager.

(4) Swimming and wading are not allowed.

(5) Fish taken from the lake must be carried to the lake manager, who will count and weigh them.

(6) No method other than hook and line with natural or artificial bait may be used to take fish from a State Lake. Taking, or attempting to take, fish by any other means is not allowed, including but not limited to: snagging, snatching, trot lines, set hooks, limb lines, jug fishing, spear, or bow and arrow.

(7) Anyone launching a boat at a State Lake must have a valid launch permit and fishing permit.

(8) State fishing license requirements are in effect and fishing licenses may be purchased at State Public Fishing Lakes.

(9) A person fishing shall upon demand exhibit his catch, fishing permit, and fishing license to any Conservation Officer, concessionaire, or other agent or employee of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for inspection.

(10) No species of fish shall be stocked in the state-owned public fishing lakes. Live minnows used for bait shall be limited to goldfish minnows (Indiana minnows); golden shiners (shiners) and fathead minnows (toughies or tuffies) and no minnow, either dead or alive, shall be released from a minnow bucket or other method.

This information is subject to change without notice. Additional information and rules about the lakes are available from the lake manager, the Alabama Fisheries Section at (334) 242-3471, or Matthew Marshall. The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries intensively manages the 23 state lakes totaling 1,912 acres.

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