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March 2008 through 2010

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March 2008 through 2010

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We are still looking to certify lake record largemouth bass (10-pound minimum). We also have an angler recognition program for large channel catfish and bluegill.

Monroe County Lake Bass
An excellent largemouth bass
Fish from Monroe County Lake
A fine stringer of bream
Lunker bass from Monroe County Lake in Beatrice
Largemouth bass are reaching their peak sizes since the lake was restocked.
boys with bream
It looks like these boys had a great time bream fishing.

Fun Fishing

fishing just like old times.

Fishing fun with friends.

A Redear Sunfish or Shellcracker

A big bluegill

A HUGE Shellcracker

Two fine specimens

Stringer of Shellcrackers

Boy scouts enjoy a trip to the lake.

Monroe County Lake is known for its shellcracker.

A Whopper Channel Catfish

Franklin Williams

Cory Nelson and Franklin Williams

Mack Presley

Paula Stallworth

Travis with a big shellcracker
Travis holds a one pound plus shellcracker (redear sunfish) from Monroe County Lake.

Monroe County Lake Minnie Mims shellcracker
Minnie Mims caught this shellcracker over a pound at Monroe County Lake.

John Busby with a five plus pounder
John Busby caught this largemouth bass over five pounds.

Franklin Williams with two fine channel catfish
Franklin Williams with two fine channel catfish

Clyde Spears with a 9--1/2 pound channel catfish
Clyde Spears with a 9-1/2 pound channel catfish from Monroe County Lake.

Fannie Edwards and Johnny Johnson
Fannie Edwards with a string of redear sunfish (shellcracker)

Doc Findley from Georgiana with a 1-1/2 lb shellcracker

Clyde Spears from Excel with a 19-1/2 lb channel catfish

Early 2008 Pictures

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