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Deepening Edges and Establishing Sod

Deepening Edges

Watch a video about deepening the edges of a pond.

Pond edges should be deepened before the valve is closed to collect water. When the pond is full, all edges should be two to three feet deep. Serious aquatic plant problems will likely develop in areas less than two feet. The soil that is removed can be used to create pond structure or earthen fishing piers.

Establishing Sod

Watch a video about establishing sod around your pond.

Pond construction is not complete until grass is established on the dam, spillway, pond’s edge, and watershed. Centipede, Bermuda, Zoysia, Bahia, Kentucky bluegrass, rye grass or a combination of these grasses will prevent erosion and siltation. Mulch or silt screens should also be utilized to hold the soil until the grass can become established. Pond owners should consult with the NRCS  or Alabama Cooperative Extension System for the grass variety that is best suited for the pond’s location and soil type.

The information above came from the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division's booklet Sportfish Management in Alabama Ponds, which is available as a PDF.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has additional information on this topic.

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