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Management Practices

Watch videos of management practices prior to and during construction and
management practices for maintaining high quality fishing.

With proper management, fishing quality can be maintained for years and years.Without proper management, many ponds will not sustain adequate fishing. Fishery biologists of Alabama’s Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries have determined that most pond failures are due to the following reasons:

1. Competition from wild fish that are not eliminated from the pond before it is stocked with hatchery fish or that enter the pond after it is stocked.
2. Improper harvest practices such as removing too many fish, too few fish, or fishing prior to the spawn of the originally stocked bass.
3. Improper lime and fertilization program.
4. Fish kills as a result of pesticides, low oxygen, or other causes.
5. Improper stocking.

hybrid catfishThese five reasons account for the majority of pond failures in Alabama. Other reasons, but of lesser importance, are excessive amounts of aquatic plants, significant loss of fish over the spillway, and severe loss of water. Most pond failures can be avoided by utilizing the proven management practices: eliminate wild fish; stock the proper numbers and types of fish at the proper time; lime the pond; properly fertilize, if desired; and harvest the recommended pounds and types of fish.


The information above came from the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division's booklet Sportfish Management in Alabama Ponds, which is available as a PDF.

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