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Boat Ramps and Fishing Access

Boat Ramps and Fishing Access on Claiborne Reservoir

Boat Ramp


General Location



Park Lot


Isaac Creek  Monroe Fountain Yes Yes 19 Trailers Yes
Silver Creek  Clarke Gosport No Yes 9 Trailers Yes
Maiben Lake  Monroe Fountain Yes No 8 Trailers No
Haines Island  Monroe Franklin No Yes 42 Trailers Yes,
Not WC Accessible 
Bell's Landing  Monroe Franklin No Yes 20 Trailers Yes
Lower Peachtree  Wilcox Lower Peachtree No No 15 Trailers No
Coy Landing  Wilcox Coy-Black's Bluff communities No No 11 Trailers No
Holley's Ferry  Wilcox Possum Bend Community No No 15 Trailers Yes
Clifton Ferry  Wilcox Kimbrough No No 0.2-acres Yes
Cobbs Landing  Wilcox Canton Bend Yes No 23 Trailers Yes,
Not WC Accessible

Sport Fish RestorationSport Fish Restoration program funds come from the excise taxes on fishing equipment, fish finders, motorboat fuels, and small engine fuels. A minimum of 15% of these funds is allocated to the maintenance of existing ramps and the construction of new ramps.

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