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More Anglers' Pictures from Lake Guntersville, Alabama

One Lake Guntersville largemouth bass tries to eat another largemouth bass that is too big to swallow.
One bass that bit off more that it could chew.  Picture from Bob Haynes of Foley.

Jason Simmons with a 3.5 pound largemouth at Guntersville Lake.
Jason Simmons caught this 3-1/2 pound largemouth bass on April 1, 2006 on a pumpkinseed/chartruse Zoom lizard; one of sixteen bass caught that day, no fooling.

Scottsboro Middle School student catches a bluegill.
Bluegill caught on April 14, 2006.
Wesley and Meredith Black on Lake Guntersville
Wesley and Meredith Black look at a February 2006 largemouth caught on a Lucky Craft LV.


Rob Andress with nice Guntersville largemouth bass
Guntersville makes a fine tournament location for clubs.  Rob Andress displays two nice largemouth bass.

gu14lbs.jpg (27836 bytes)
Donnie Hudson
Lake Guntersville, March 2, 2002
Fourteen pounds on a crankbait.

Rob Andress with a Guntersville Largemouth bass.
Rob Andress with a nice Guntersville largemouth bass in March 2005.

Guntersville largemouth bass
Another happy Guntersville angler.

Rattle traps are popular, especially for pre-spawn.
Blake uses the popular Rattle Trap to catch this pre-spawn largemouth bass in Guntersville during February.

Send your pictures to Doug Darr with information on the people, date, weight and bait used.

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