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Angler's Pictures from Neely Henry Lake

Email your pictures to Doug Darr. Let me know the date caught and the bait used. Send me the name if the angler, if you want the name posted.
We are still looking to certify lake record largemouth bass (8-pound minimum), spotted bass (4-pound minimum) and redeye bass (12-ounce minimum). We also have an angler recognition program for other sport fish.

 Marlo Holley
Marlo Holley shows off a fine five pound plus largemouth bass from Neely Henry, April 7, 2013.

Mason Burden with a 38-pound flathead catfish.
Mason Burden caught this 38-pound flathead catfish with his hands on June 11, 2012.

Hunter Hartley of Southside  with large Neely Henry bass
Hunter Hartley of Southside caught this 8-pound largemouth bass from Neely Henry in the early spring of 2012.

Michael Weatherspoon caught this 2.98-pound, 17-3/8-inch long black crappie from Lake Neely Henry on October 24, 2009, which earned him a Trophy Angler Certificate.

On July 3, 2011, Billy Dunn, Ricky Henry, and James Garrett (not pictured) caught this blue catfish on Lake Neely Henry.

 60-pound blue catfish
Want to have a good time? Take boys jugging.  Maybe they will catch a 60-pound blue catfish too, August 2011.

  Neely Henry Crappie
Large black crappie from Neely Henry

Fish caught from Neely Henry with King Fisher Guide Service, Dustin King at 256-504-6659, dkingfisher89@aol.com

 Neely Henry Angler with a bream.
This young angler caught a nice bream.

Alex Rutledge catches a bass from Neely Henry with her PawPaw on April 1, 2007.

Send your pictures to Doug Darr.

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