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2011 Pictures of Angler's Fish from Pickwick Lake

Email your pictures to Doug Darr.
We are still looking to certify lake record largemouth bass (8-pound minimum), smallmouth bass (7-pound minimum) and spotted bass (4-pound minimum). We also have an angler recognition program for other sport fish.

Bobby and Jeff caught and released these fish on December 28, 2011.

Steve and Rob Berryman caught and released these fish on December 29, 2011.

Rob Berryman caught these fish on December 30, 2011.

Jonathan caught these fish on December 29, 2011.

Mike and Meredith Whitten caught some fine December fish on Pickwick with the help of guide Steve Hacker.

Deep fishing was the key for Elliott and Jonathan to catch and release these big bass from Pickwick.
 White Bass and Yellow Bass Hybrid from Pickwick Lake caught by Ben Davis in December os 2011.
Ben Davis caught this 2-pound 9.9-ounce white bass/yellow bass hybrid on a jerkbait in the Cane Creek arm of Pickwick Lake on December 18, 2011.

Ron Glover received an early Christmas present with this December 2011 smallmouth bass.

Mike Morgan striped bass December 2011.

Mike Morgan smallmouth bass December 2011.

Tom Hayes striped bass December 2011.

Mike Morgan striped bass December 2011.

Ron Glover smallmouth bass December 2011.

Ron Glover smallmouth bass December 2011.

Ron Glover largemouth bass December 2011.

Steve Berryman smallmouth bass December 2011.

Steve Berryman largemouth bass December 2011.

Joseph Poole caught this huge smallmouth bass fishing with Steve Hacker in November 2011.

Steve Berryman tries not to break an arm holding these fine smallmouth bass from Pickwick Lake, November 2011.

Sam and Steve Mars, November 2011, sport a mixed bag of black bass.

Sam and Steve Mars November 2011 with a huge stringer of smallmouth bass.

Joseph Poole caught this nice striped bass in November 2011.

Mike Weiss with a November 2011 smallmouth bass.

Damon Abernethy caught this smallmouth bass from Pickwick in November 2011 drifting bait below the Wilson Dam.
Jim Bruce October 2011

Jim Bruce October 2011
Keith Flatt caught and released this 10-pound and 10-ounce largemouth bass on October 8, 2011.  The bass hit a jig in shallow water.
Steve Darr caught on a smallmouth bass on October 4, 2011.
4-12 Spotted Bass
Marty Brown of Dalton, Georgia, caught this huge spotted bass on the lower end of Pickwick Lake June 10, 2011, during the FLW Everstart Tournament. The spotted bass weighed 4-12 on FLW's weigh-in scales. The fish was caught in 15 ft of water on a 10" Zoom Ol' Monster worm and 15 lb test Seaguar Flourocarbon line. With proper documentation, it would be a lake record. Marty Brown is sponsored by Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Boats and Motors of Dalton, and Power Pole.

Jeremy Malone June 2011

Joe Power
Joe Power caught the largemouth bass of a lifetime, 11-pounds 14-ounces, on April 21, 2011, using a 6" Zoom lizard.  It was 24-14" long and had a girth of 21-1/8".  Congratulations, Joe.

spotted bass, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass from pickwick lake
April 20, 2011, seemed to be a good day for largemouth bass (left), smallmouth bass (center) and spotted bass (right) at Pickwick Lake.

 big smallmouth bass and largemouth bass
April seems to be a great time for big fish: smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, 2011.
freshwater drum
Freshwater drum
provide excitement on Pickwick Lake, April 2011.
A massive stringer of Pickwick Lake striped bass from April 2011
Steve Hacker
got these anglers into a school of striped bass at Pickwick Lake.
Blue Catfish
Like other Tennessee River reservoirs, Pickwick Lake has fine catfish fishing.  Sometimes they are caught bass fishing too.  This April 2011 blue catfish would provide some fine eating.
Pickwick bass
As it often does, Pickwick delivered an excellent mixed bag of largemouth bass (left) and smallmouth bass (right) on April 19, 2011, for these clients of Steve Hacker.  Wow.

Steve Darr displays his fishing prowess during April of 2011 with a big smallmouth bass and a big largemouth bass from Pickwick Lake.

Scott Davis  with a beautiful smallmouth bass, April 2011

Smallmouth bass
taken by Mike Morgan in April 2011
Hybrid striped bass from Pickwick Lake
Hybrid striped bass
or wipers can get large in Pickwick Lake, April 2011

Jimmy Mason
, a guide out of Rogersville, shows a March 2011 smallmouth bass.  He recommends jerkbaits, swimbaits, and crankbaits during the spring at Pickwick.

Local professional angler Tim Horton shows one of the smallmouth bass he catches on jerkbaits in Pickwick Lake during March 2011.

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