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March 2009

Angler's Fish from Pickwick Lake and the Tailwaters of Wilson Lake

Email your pictures to Doug Darr.
We are still looking to certify lake record largemouth bass (8-pound minimum), smallmouth bass (7-pound minimum) and spotted bass (4-pound minimum). We also have an angler recognition program for other sport fish.

Pickwick Smallmouth
March 26, 2009 was good to Dave and Randy, producing huge smallmouth bass with the help of Steve Hacker.

Late March is a good time for big smallies from Pickwick Lake.

smallmouth bass from Pickwick Lake
The largest five smallmouth bass weighed 29-9. Water was 55 degrees.

Dave and Mike, Here are the March 24, 2009, results of fishing Pickwick Lake with Steve Hacker.

Big striped bass taken in mid-March 2009.

Joseph Poole with some fine smallmouth bass.
Joseph Poole fished with Steve Hacker for smallmouth bass on March 20, 2009 .

Fine pile of striped bass
Pickwick Lake will yield some striped bass like these caught on swimbaits during March of 2009. 

Brandon holds a large smallmouth bass.
Brandon holds a fine smallmouth bass caught March 19, 2009, fishing Pickwick Lake with Steve Hacker.

Scott Brummett with four and five pound smallmouth bass caught on March 18, 2009.

Ron Glover caught these largemouth bass in March of 2009 fishing with Steve Hacker.

Charles Darr enjoys spring break with his Uncle Steve while fishing for smallmouth bass with guide Steve Hacker, March 17, 2009.

Two successful smallmouth bass anglers share their March 2009 catch with the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division as they work to raise smallmouth bass at the Carbon Hill Hatchery.

If you are catching drum on Pickwick, you are fishing in the right place for smallmouth bass.

Ron Glover with more fish
Ron Glover with more brown fish caught in 51 degree water, March 16, 2009.

Shane and Doug catch these smallmouth bass from Pickwick on March 5, 2009, taken with the help of guide Steve Hacker.

Don Rego 6lb 4oz smallmouth bass
Steve Hacker helped Don Rego catch these including a 6lb 4oz smallmouth bass in March of 2009.

Don Keller with a six pound six ounce smallmouth bass taken with the help of guide Steve Hacker.

Hybrid bass taken in March 2009.

Kathy shows off a fine striped bass caught March 12, 2009.

Don picks up a March 12, 2009 striped bass with guide Steve Hacker.

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