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General Pictures

Pictures from Pickwick Lake and the Wilson Tailwaters

 Barge on Pickwick
The Tennessee River has barge traffic so be careful as you drive your boat and as you fish.

Water from Wilson
Steve Hacker took this picture of the spillway release from Wilson into Pickwick.  Anglers should be very mindful of the water being released from dams.

Photography by David Rainer
The abundance of shad on the Tennessee River gives the predator species plenty to eat as evidenced by the tail of the shad sticking out of this largemouth's throat.


Fishing the dropoff at the mouth of McFarland Harbor can be productive.

Many of the fish in Pickwick Lake jump when hooked, but few more than skipjack herring.

Wilson Dam is visible from the upper end of Pickwick Lake.  Many anglers fish this area.

The 360 Grille is visible from the water.

Anglers have many areas where they can fish from the bank at Pickwick.
Dana Beavers took this picture of a bobcat
Dana Beavers caught this bobcat looking for fish on the banks of Pickwick Lake, October 13, 2012.

Jerry Foster won 3rd place for Outdoor Recreation in the Outdoor Alabama photo contest for 2011.
Colbert Steam Plant pulls water here and releases the water in a downstream creek.

Coal Barges on the Tennessee River

Colbert Steam Plant from Downstream

When fishing Pickwick, one never knows what is going to bite: smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, freshwater drum, striped bass, channel catfish or even a buffalo.

In Pickwick, if you are fishing the bank, you are missing a lot of action.

Fishing current breaks is an important concept in Pickwick Lake.

These anglers are seeking smallmouth bass with various lures.

Charles Darr fishes Pickwick Lake during spring break.

White bass are a favorite fish during the spring.

 Alabama Fishing Licenses

The area below Wilson dam is one of the world's best smallmouth bass fisheries in the spring.

For pictures of anglers' fish, see the anglers' page.

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