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Wheeler Dam Up to Decatur

ADCNR* Boat Ramps and Fishing Access Areas and Marinas for Wheeler Lake from Wheeler Dam Up River to Decatur


Boat Ramp Name

General Location

Park Lot Size

Boat Ramp Lanes


Sec Lights


Second Creek**

East side of Second Creek, north of US Hwy 72

40 Trailers; One Acre


One Floating



Wheeler State Park

East side of First Creek, south of US Hwy 72

145 Trailers; Four Acres


Two Floating and One Fixed



Spring Creek

West side of Spring Creek, north of Hwy 20

18 Trailers; Half Acre


One Floating


Limestone Riverwalk Marina 3755 US Hwy 31 North 150 Trailers 8 One Floating  Yes
Morgan Ingalls Harbor 701 Market Street, NW, Decatur 258 Trailers + 107 Cars 10 Two Floating  Yes

*ADCNR is the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; additional public boat ramps and fishing access are available through the Tennessee Valley Authority.
**Colored and underlined text indicates a hyperlink with a page devoted to this boat access area.

Sport Fish Restoration program funds come from the excise taxes on fishing equipment, fish finders, motorboat fuels, and small engine fuels. A minimum of 15% of these funds are allocated to the maintenance of existing ramps and the construction of new ramps.

Sport Fish Restoration

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