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Sipsey Fork Pictures

Pictures from below Smith Lake Dam, the Lower Sipsey Fork

Sipsey Fork below Smith
Fishing the Sipsey Fork on February 16, 2014.
Smith Lake
A walkway and stairs make access easier in the Sipsey Fork below Smith Dam.
Smith Lake
New stairs were constructed by Alabama Power Company to make access to the fishing easier.
Smith Lake
Anglers often need to get to the middle of the river to fish successfully.
Smith Lake
Areas have been constructed to give cover to fish.
Boy Scouts trout fish below Smith Lake Dam, Alabama
Trout like clear, cold water.  The water coming out of Smith Lake is cold year round because of how deep the lake is and the depth of the intake.
Smith Lake
Forested banks and pretty water make enjoyable fishing.

  Cliff Prosser fishes the Sipsey Fork
Cliff Prosser fishes the Sipsey Fork in early June.  Early morning works best.

The right fly makes a difference, and Sipsey Fork fish often feed on extremely small flies.
An angler prepares to fish a hole below Smith Lake Dam.  Waders are useful, as the water temperatures are in the low 50s.

Fly fishing the Sipsey Fork for trout
Fly fishing is a fun way to catch rainbow trout. Small flies work well on the Sipsey Fork.

Waders, hip boots or other waterproof boots are helpful for accessing fish in some locations.

Charles Darr tries his luck on the Sipsey Fork in the canal area below the dam.

Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery brings trout evey other month.  Alabama Power Company purchases trout for the next month.

Water comes from deep in Smith Lake, so the temperatures remain cold in the Sipsey Fork all year.


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