The Reserve System's Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) program offers qualified master's and doctoral students an opportunity to address scientific questions of local, regional, and national significance.  The result is high quality research focused on improving coastal management.



All Graduate Research Fellowship projects must be conducted in a National Estuarine Research Reserve and enhance the scientific understanding of a reserve's ecosystem.  While Graduate Research Fellows receive hands-on experience, reserve managers and coastal decision makers receive vital ecological data.  Projects are based on the reserve's local needs, the reserve system's national priorities, and the student's interests.





♦ Two students are selected for each reserve.  

♦ Funds are available on a competitive basis.

♦ The amount of the award is $20,000 per year.

♦ Funds are available up to three years.

♦ The application deadline is November 1st each year.


Contact Weeks Bay Research Coordinator, Dr. Scott Phipps

For additional information:

♦ NERRS Graduate Research Fellowship site

♦ Previous and Current Research Projects