Alabama Horn, River, and Rock Snails in Alabama

Anthony's Riversnail - Athearnia anthonyi, in the Family Pleuroceridae, is an endangered aquatic snail found in Alabama and perhaps Tennessee.

Elimia - Alabama has a number of species of Elimina, some common and some rare or extinct.

Gyrotoma - Six species in the genus Gyrotoma, family Pleuroceridae, was previously found in Alabama, but they are extinct because of the dams built on the the shoal areas of the main Coosa River in Alabama during the 1960s.

Spiny Riversnail - Io fluvialis has been extirpated from Alabama, but some have recently been reintroduced to upper section of Guntersville Reservoir in Tenneseee.

Leptoxis - Snails in the genus Leptoxis, family Pleuroceridae, are numerous in Alabama.

Lithasia - Of the five species in Alabama, one is no longer found in Alabama; and only one is common.

Pleurocera - Fifteen members of Pleurocera are found in Alabama.