Hunters in Alabama request many types of resources to make their hunting experiences more enjoyable and memories everlasting.  This page contains links to useful downloads such as targets, landowner permission cards, moon phases, sunrise/set calculators, records of Alabama White-tailed Deer, recipes, and many other hunter friendly resources. 

Hunter Courtesy Card
Hunter courtesy cards can be downloaded for landowners to give written permission for hunting on property. 
Hunter Courtesy Card

Deer/Turkey Donation Form
Donation forms can be printed and filled out when donating deer or turkey to someone.
Donation Certificate

Moon Phases, Sunrise/Sunset Calculators
Information and links to sources for moon phases and sunrise and sunset calculators are available here:
Feeding Times and Moon Phases
moon phases, sunrise/set calculators

Records of Alabama White-tailed Deer (RAWD)
The Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries began a recognition program in 2008 for white-tail deer killed in Alabama.  Information regarding the program, scoring sessions, minimum qualifications, etc is available on the RAWD page. 

Target Downloads and Shooting Range Info

Sighting in a rifle is an activity that every hunter should do prior to each hunting season.  Don"t let that trophy, whether it's a squirrel, doe or a big buck, escape this year because you didn't properly sight in your rifle.   Visit a shooting range near you to ensure your rifle is functioning properly and the bullet impacts where you are aiming.  Download and print a sight in target

The .22 caliber target is suitable for plinking and general target use when scoring a target is necessary.  It doesn't have any graduations/measurements for making scope adjustments. 

Field Judging Live Deer

This downloadable poster was a joint effort between the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, Alabama Wildlife Federation, and the Quality Deer Management Association.  It is a great resource for all hunters and  hunting clubs interested in various aspects deer management.   

Field Judging Live Deer Poster (pdf)