Cover photo by Billy Pope

he new biological field station in Bullock County is the home of research, education and outreach.
By Eric Soehren 
Fish Pond Crappie
While crappie may not be the best choice for stocking in private ponds, several of Alabama’s state lakes provide great fishing for this tasty fish.
By Jack Turner and Jay Haffner 
Smith Lake Stripers
Alabama’s Lewis Smith Lake contains some of the best fishing anywhere for striped bass. This is not only good for anglers, but for the local economy as well.
By David Rainer
Alcohol and Boating: A Dangerous Combination
Be safe this summer and know the rules when it comes to having alcohol on board.
By Captain Erica Shipman
The Forever Wild Land Trust: Unique Wildlife Habitats on Public Lands
In part three of a four-part series, the habitat diversity of Forever Wild tracts is explained.

By Gregory M. Lein
World Record Fishing
The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo has officially been declared the largest fishing tournament in the world. In addition to great fishing, the tournament also provides a wealth of scientific information for biologists.

By David Rainer
Alabama to Celebrate 25th Annual Coastal Cleanup
Each September, volunteers pick up trash from coastal waterways and beaches. This has resulted in more than 1.2 million pounds of debris from removed from Alabama’s coastline.

By Amy King
Watchable Wildlife
American Alligator
By Adam Pritchett