The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources urges landowners to consider offering their fields for a youth dove hunt one weekend early in dove hunting season. The popularity of these hunts has created a demand for more locations to accommodate more young hunters. Last year many of the hunt areas pre-registered their maximum numbers and had to turn applicants away.

"While we have 35 fields statewide already committed for hunts this year, we would like to increase that number," said Gary Moody, Chief of the Wildlife Section. "It may be too late this year to participate in the seed and fertilizer program, but landowners who already have fields planted are asked to allow us to hold a hunt in their fields.

"When adults and children can share an enjoyable experience together, the generation gap narrows," commented Barnett Lawley, Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources. "These youth hunts provide an excellent opportunity for that interaction."

The 57 youth dove hunts in 2002 were met with enthusiastic success, with total attendance of 1,936 young hunters plus the adults who brought them. Of that number, 559 of the youngsters were hunting for the first time. Average age of the young hunters was just under 11 years.

"The growth of this program has been fantastic," said Corky Pugh, Director of the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. "We solicit the help of more landowners to share in these exciting events.

Landowners interested in hosting a youth dove hunt on their land should contact Gary Moody, Chief of the Wildlife Section, at 334-242-3469.


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