Fishing and boating in the lower Tallapoosa River below Lake Thurlow can be extremely dangerous along the Fall Line. Flow estimates and several other real time parameters for the lower Tallapoosa River near Montgomery are available from the US Geological Survey.

Read about a three-day paddling trip from Thurlow"s tailwaters to the City of Montgomery.


lower tallapoosa river
The Tallapoosa River below Thurlow Reservoirs during Low Flow

 Tallapoosa River
Higher Flows with Bridge in the Background

 Tallapoosa River
Closeup of Some Tallapoosa River Rapids below Thurlow Reservoir

 Tallapoosa River
Some Lower Tallapoosa River Rapids

The Tallapoosa River below Thurlow has a fish consumption advisory.  Information on the consumption advisory may be found at the Alabama Department of Public Health Web site, Consumption advisory information is found under "A-Z Contents" and looking for "Fish Consumption Advisories."