NOTE: Courses usually vary each workshop. Check the current brochure for courses to be offered.

Boating/Canoeing -  Motor Boat Handling, Basic Canoeing, Canoe Lake Tour

Cooking - Dutch Oven Cooking I, Dutch Oven Cooking II, From Field to Freezer

Fishing - Fishing classes are available in every session: Introduction to Fishing, ABCs of Fly Fishing, Woolly Buggers and Friends, The Bass Class, Angler Adventures and Bow Fishing

Hunting - Deer Hunting, Trapping 101, Talkin Turkey, Squirrel Hunting, Waterfowling, and Trail Cameras

Navigation Skills - Get Your Bearings I, Get Your Bearings II, Geocaching

Outdoor Skills - Backpacking/Hiking, Bee Keeping I & II, Edible & Medicinal Plants (new class), Frontier Skills, Knot Tying, Photography I & II, Rock Climbing and Sticks to Staff.

Riding Sports - ATV Handling, Mountain Biking

Safety -  Beyond Band-Aids, Self Defense, Backcountry First Aid

Shooting Sports - Archery I, Archery II, Cowboy Action Shooting I, Cowboy Action Shooting II, Pistol I, Pistol II, Riflery, Shotgun I, Shotgun II, Precision Reloading

Wildlife -   Backyard Wildlife, Bird Watching, Predators & Prey (new class), Reading the Woods, Wildlife ID (new class)