The National Estuarine Research Reserves serve as living laboratories for on-site staff, visiting scientists and graduate students. Since its inception, a main goal of the program has been to ensure a stable environment for research through long-term protection of reserve system resources. The reserves serve as platforms for long-term research and monitoring, as well as reference sites for comparative studies.


Reserve System Research Goals

Research at the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is designed to fulfill the NERR System goals as defined in program regulations. These include:

  • Address coastal management issues identified as significant through coordinated estuarine research within the System.
  • Promote Federal, state, public and private use of one or more reserves within the System when such entities conduct estuarine research; and
  • Conduct and coordinate estuarine research within the System, gathering and making available information necessary for improved understanding and management of estuarine areas.

Supporting these goals are three national system-wide programs:

1. Site Research

2. The System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP)

3. Graduate Research Fellowship


Contact Weeks Bay Research Coordinator, Dr. Scott Phipps