The alphabetical listing of activities is found in the last page of your Project WILD book.



Activity Name

Activity Idea
K4Grasshopper Gravityanimal structure and function
K4Wildlife Is Everywhere!wildlife comes in different shapes, sizes and adaptations
K4What"s That Habitiat?visualize components of habitat
K4Graphananimalidentify characteristic life forms in two different environments
K4Environmental Barometerobserving wildlife and considering environmental indicators
K4The Thicket Gameadaptations and camouflage
K4Learning to Look, Looking to Seecasual and detailed observation
K4Too Close for Comfortcrowding of wildlife and people
K4Ethi-Thinkingthinking about activities harmful to the environment
K4Playing Lightly on the Earththinking about games that damage and don't damage the environment
K6Classroom Carrying Capacitylearn about carrying capacity
47Shrinking Habitateffects of human development
49Deadly Linkspesticides and food chains
412Oh Deer!carrying capacity game about habitat: food, water and shelter
412Planning for People and Wildlifeland use planning
58Habitat Rummyhabitat game
58Habitat Lap Sitidentify components of habitat (food, water, shelter and space)
58Who Fits Here?ecosystems and characteristic lifeforms
58Rainfall and the Forestrecognize the effect of rainfall on the vegetation/animal communities
58Here Today, Gone Tomorrowcauses of extinction
58Time Lapsevisual interpretation
58Cartoons and Bumper Stickersthe media and wildlife
58For Your Eyes Onlylistening and respecting different environmental viewpoints
58Lobster in Your Lunch Boxsources of food
58No Water Off a Duck's Backoil and effect in water
58Migration Barriersimpacts of human activities on migration
58Wildworkstudents learn about occupations that involve wildlife
58Litter We Knowidentify ways litter can hurt animals and propose solutions
58Improving Wildlife Habitat in the Communityapply knowledge of wildlife habitat and needs relative to human needs
58Enviro-Ethicslooking at actions and their environmental effect
512Ethi-Reasoningexamining your individual values and beliefs related to wildlife
69To Zone or Not to Zoneland use planning
712Carrying Capacitycarrying capacity
712Riparian Zoneland use planning
712Who Pays for What?how wildlife conservation is funded

A look at some Aquatic WILD activities and Project WET activities related to Creek Kids.