Cover photo by Steve Krotzer

2013 Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest
Presenting this year"s photo contest winners in 10 categories: Birds, Scenic/Pictorial, Reptiles/Amphibians/Fish, Wild Flora, Nature-based Activities, Mammals, Other Wildlife, State Parks, Youth Ages 6-12 and Youth Ages 13-18.

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Identify Your Target
Camouflaging yourself is an important aspect of turkey hunting, which makes it even more important to know exactly what you are aiming at when you take that shot.
By David Rainer

The Essence of Hunting (pdf)   Html version
Hunting is different things to different people—a hobby, a sport, or a way to put food on the table. For many, though, it is a way to make a special connection to nature.
By Steven W. Barnett

Officer's Diary
By Sgt. Joe P. Johnston

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Barred Owl
By Bennett Moseley