Cover photo by John R. Ford

Tracking and Treeing
Like the dogs they cherish, coon hunters are a special breed. For most, the thrill of this hunt is not in killing a raccoon, but in working their dogs and developing that special bond between owner and animal.
By David Rainer

The Forever Wild Land Trust: Forever Wild, Forever Yours!
When land is purchased through the Forever Wild Program, it belongs to the people of Alabama in perpetuity.  Whether or not the program warrants another 20 years of funding is up to voters.
By Gregory M. Lein

The Chief Ladiga Trail
Named for a Native American chief, the Chief Ladiga Trail offers 33 miles of paved trail that winds through Cleburne and Calhoun counties.
By Kenny Johnson

Alabama Power Company Hunting and Fishing Programs

Safely Hunting the Rights of Way
Make sure you follow safety protocol when placing a shooting house on power line rights of way.

The Alabama Wildlife Center
Injured and orphaned birds find a help at this rehabilitation facility located at Oak Mountain State Park. The center’s mission also includes educating people about the role predatory birds play in the ecosystem.
By Richard A. Esposito

Backcountry Camping
Several of Alabama’s state parks offer backcountry camping for those who truly want to get away from it all.
By Ken Thomas

Proper Riflescope Mounting
If your rifle isn’t as accurate as it should be, the problem may be solved with a trip to the gunsmith.
By David Rainer

Maintaining the Middle-Aged Boat
Proper maintenance is essential for older boats.


Officer’s Diary
By Steve Pepper

Watchable Wildlife

Fox Squirrel
By John Powers