Support Alabama Wildlife with the Wildlife Heritage License.

Thank you for your interest in the Alabama Wildlife Heritage License. This license is an easy, affordable way to help conserve Alabama"s natural resources for future generations. 

Wildlife Heritage License

For only $10.85 annually, or $220.25 for a lifetime license, you'll be helping manage lands and sustain habitats for the many species in Alabama. Your contribution actually goes much further for the state's conservation efforts, which receive a three-to-one federal match on every dollar.  As more and more people get involved, Alabama will have access to far greater funding for conservation efforts. We appreciate any help you can offer to spread the word.  Licenses are available only to Alabama residents.

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Wildlife Heritage License holders also enjoy other benefits:

  • Hunt all small game, except waterfowl, on any of Alabama's 35 Wildlife Management Areas, Waterfowl Refuges and Community Hunting Areas (Free WMA permit required).
  • Shoot on any of ADCNR's 12 public shooting ranges or archery parks.
  • Fish at any of the 20 state-owned public fishing lakes (daily permit still required).
  • Freshwater fish with a hook and line from the bank in public waters in all 67 counties.

The funds generated through the sale of this license help support critical conservation programs across the state, including:

  • Purchasing of lands for the management and enhancement of wildlife and freshwater fish and their habitats.
  • Surveying and monitoring wildlife populations. This includes bald eagles, bats, statewide bird inventories, and mourning dove and wood duck banding.
  • Supporting the Partners-in-Flight Program and Birding Joint Ventures. Both are cooperative efforts between private, governmental and academic groups to conserve birds across regional and hemispheric landscapes.
  • Conservation and environmental education.
  • Providing technical assistance to landowners for the improvement of freshwater fish and wildlife habitats and populations.
  • Operating and maintaining approximately 768,000 acres within the Alabama Wildlife Management Area System.
  • Operating and maintaining all 20 Alabama State Public Fishing Lakes.
  • Maintaining the Alabama Hunting and Fishing Trail for People with Physical Disabilities.
  • Providing wildlife and fisheries enforcement.

Alabama Wildlife Heritage License can be purchased:

Alabama's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy defines those wildlife species in greatest need of conservation in Alabama and describes the actions necessary for their restoration.