Administered by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, the WRP provides eligible landowners the technical and financial assistance they need to address wetland, wildlife habitat, soil, water and related natural resource concerns on private agricultural land.

Wetlands support diverse populations of wildlife, plants, and fish, and supply habitat for hundreds of species, including many listed as endangered or threatened. Often called “nature’s sponges,” wetlands help protect water quality by filtering out pollutants and protecting towns and cities against floods and storm surges. Wetlands also buffer coastal areas from erosion. They offer aesthetic and recreational opportunities, as well.

Easement programs offer landowners the opportunity to receive cash payments for enrollment while retaining land ownership, establishing a legacy, and having cash to use for other needs. NRCS also offers a 10-year restoration agreement where landowners can receive up to 75 percent of the costs for restoration work on dikes and water control devices. This enrollment option does not place an easement on the property.

For additional information on WRP and other conservation programs available in Alabama, visit the Alabama NRCS Website or your local NRCS office.