Alabama is the 4th most biologically diverse state in the U.S. This is due to the diversity of habitats across the state, from the beaches along the gulf coast to the Appalachian Mountains of north Alabama. Over 650 species of wildlife can be found in Alabama. 

The mission of the Nongame Wildlife Program is to manage, protect, and enhance the populations of nongame wildlife which make Alabama so unique. Nongame wildlife are those species that are not legally hunted, which make up more than 95% of the native species that Alabama has to offer, making our mission a formidable task to handle. 


Since the program started in 1984 there have been many accomplishments and success stories, such as:

  • Released 91 bald eagles to restore a nesting population of our national symbol in Alabama.
  • Built more than 10,000 bluebird nest boxes and coordinated more than 1,000 volunteers to "Bring Back the Bluebird."
  • Managed and protected Gaillard Island, Mobile Bay to produce more than 10,000 brown pelicans in eight years-more pelicans produced in Alabama than in the last century.
  • The reintroduction of a threatened species, Indigo snakes, to the longleaf pine ecosystem in south Alabama. 
  • Established and maintaining the North Alabama Birding Trail and assisted with additional birding trails across the state. 

There are many ongoing projects that the 5 biologists of the Nongame Wildlife Program are leading and coordinating such as bald eagle surveys and white-nose syndrome surveillance in bat species across the state. Hundreds of surveys are conducted each year to allow us to monitor populations of imperiled species and better manage our state's nongame wildlife. The Nongame Program helps administer endangered and threatened species projects on federally and/or state-listed species, and also issues Scientific Collecting Permits to enable a wide range of projects and collect the data. Along with these projects, the nongame staff assists the public everyday with nongame questions and problems. 

The next time you see a bald eagle, thank a hunter! The Nongame Wildlife Program is made possible thanks to Alabama's hunters. The program is funded through hunting licences along with federal matching funds provided from an excise tax on the sale of guns and ammunition. Also, the Nongame Fund Tax Checkoff located on state income taxes has provided funds to the program since it was started. If you would like to support the Nongame Wildlife Program and Alabama's nongame wildlife, consider assisting with the Nongame Fund Tax Checkoff on your tax return or purchasing a Hunting or Natural Heritage License. 

Current Wildlife Projects and Research

Nongame Regulation and List of Nongame Species Protected by Alabama Regulation

Threatened and Endangered Species:

List of Threatened and Endangered Species in Alabama

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AL Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

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For more information contact:

Mark Sasser, Nongame Wildlife Coordinator
Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries
64 North Union Street
Montgomery, AL  36130


For only $10.85 annually, or $220.25 for a lifetime license, you'll be helping manage lands and sustain habitats for the many species in Alabama. Your contribution actually goes much further for the state's conservation efforts, which receive a three-to-one federal match on every dollar.  As more and more people get involved, Alabama will have access to far greater funding for conservation efforts. We appreciate any help you can offer to spread the word.  Licenses are available only to Alabama residents.

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