Alabama’s Elusive Yellow Rail
Little is known about the yellow rail, an elusive bird that winters in south Alabama marshes. A team of biologists is documenting the habitat and habits of this secretive bird.
By Eric Soehren

Although claims of panther sightings in Alabama continues to be a part of conversations across Alabama, state wildlife officials say the probability of these animals within state borders is very slim.
By David Rainer
Unsure about which bait to use for catching fish off Alabama’s coast? Here is a guide to some of the most common live baits.
By Karon Aplin
The Best Bird-watching in Alabama
When it comes to places to bird in Alabama, the choices are many. Here are a 10 of the top places to visit.
By Joe Watts and Paul H. Franklin
A trip from Florida to a south Alabama hunting camp creates a wealth of memories for one family.
By Tessi V. Villaverde
Dove hunters should to report the bands of any birds they harvest.
By Jeff L. Makemson
Forever Wild Spotlight
By Kenny Johnson
By Alan Roach
Watchable Wildlife
By Jeff Makemson