Official State Natural Heritage Program

The Alabama Natural Heritage Section is a program of the State Lands Division specifically charged with maintaining a current and historic understanding of the natural wonders of Alabama. It also provides support to Alabama’s Forever Wild Program.

The overall goal of the Natural Heritage Section is to function as a central depository for historic and current biological distribution records of species that occur within Alabama. The depository enhances conservation by supporting planning and operations of academic research, federal and state agencies, as well as developmental planning interests.


The State Lands Division, through the Natural Heritage Section, made applications for federal assistance grants directed at leveraging Forever Wild funds in the purchase of unique parcels of land.

Additionally, the State Lands Division, Natural Heritage Section continues to collect and catalogue biological data for the Natural Heritage database. The database currently contains approximately 300,000 individual records. Further, the database was converted from Paradox software to Access software in an effort to maintain cutting edge advances in software technology. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is regularly used to present biological information in a useful format.