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ABCs of Fly Fishing

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Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) Workshop, Alabama 
March 2005 

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A special thank you to the sponsorship of Buchmann Tire and Sporting Goods in Cullman, who provided custom built fly rods, and to the Cortland Line Company, who provided fly reels and line.  Instructors for ABCs of Fly Fishing are: Dr. Elise Irwin, Mr. Tom Reburn, Mr. Tee Kitchens, Ms. Traci George, and Mr. Doug Darr.

Part of the ABCs of Fly Fishing is learning about the equipment from Dr. Elise Irwin, Auburn University Fisheries Department Professor.

Elise shows students a variety of materials and equipment so they can see their differences.

Some students show a natural talent for fly casting.

Students enjoy trying new skills.

Students new to fly fishing have a chance to try their new skills on the water.

This student fly fished in the streams of Colorado, but she learns to meet the challenge of fly fishing in ponds.

Your purchase of an Alabama fishing license allows us to conduct educational programs.  For more information about the Alabama Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshop, go to BOW.  To post pictures from the March 2005 BOW, send your pictures to Katrina Williams or your fishing class pictures to Doug Darr.

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