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Introduction to Fishing

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Introduction to Fishing
Spring 2012 Alabama Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Sport Fish Restoration

Woman Casting
The ladies began with spincast rods and reels.
 Woman Casting
Fish were there for the catching.
Woman Casting  Woman Casting
Woman Casting
Spinning rods and reels were available for those that wanted them.
 Woman Casting
Filleting Fish Demonstration
Instructor Doug Darr demonstrates filleting.
 Filleting Fish
The fillets were checked for small bones.

Women Casting


 Filleting Fish
An electric fillet knife separates the fillet from the skin and scales.
Women watch the fish filleting demonstration.
An electric fillet knife works well.
 BOW Participant Fillets Fish
Participants have the opportunity to try filleting.
The skin is separated from the meat.
An electric knife makes it go more quickly.
 BOW Participant Fillets Fish
One way to fillet is to cut through the skin near the dorsal fins.
BOW Participants Fish
Anglers learn from each other.

 Woman fillets a crappie.

 Filleting a fish.
Woman fillets crappie.
This participant fillets a black crappie.
BOW Participant Fillets Fish
 What a great job filleting a crappie!
A third participant work on filleting a fish.
 A third participant also filleted a crappie.
Jerry Moss Skins a Catfish
Jerry Moss skins a catfish.
Successful fillet job.
 Great job!
Jerry Moss pulls off a catfish's skin
Jerry Moss works on a catfish.
Woman fishing
 Participants spent some time fishing.
BOW Participants Fish
Doug Darr assists angler preparing to fish
BOW Participant Fishes
Woman fishing.  BOW Participants Fish
BOW Participant Fillets Fish
This participant did a great job filleting her first bass.

Woman holds a Backyard Bass

Woman holds a Backyard Bass.
Backyard Bass make good casting targets.

Instructor helps a student. women casting

filleting a bass
The fillet knife is worked around the bones to separate out the meat and to keep the knife sharp.

Filleting a fish
Cuts must be made to separate the meat from the ribs.

Woman poses with a Backyard Bass
Practice casting can be fun.

woman and a bluegill
Worms seemed to work the best to catch bluegill.

Woman with a channel catfish
Channel catfish
can be caught in March.

Fishing class
Doug Darr explains how the bobber works to detect a bite.

Thanks for the great fun fishing!
Mr. Doug Darr

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

Let's Go Fishing!



Take someone fishing with you
and make a friend for life.

Anglers may purchase a lifetime fishing or hunting license.  Receive a discount if purchased by age 11.

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