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January 2006

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Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs (HOFNOD) Training
January 2006 - Auburn University

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Learning to make a fishing reel using a can
Maurice Jackson explains how change a drink can into something with which to fish.

Learning can casting with Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs instruction
Auburn University students cast using a drink can.

Benny Wright makes a can to use for fishing.
 Benny Wright, junior high school instructor in Scottsboro and National PE Fishing/Boating Grant Recipient, shows off his coke can fishing reel.

Benny Wright checks out his spincasting abilities.

City of Auburn Parks and Recreation staff learn how to make fishing fun for the youth of Auburn. 

Lecture is just one part of the HOFNOD training at Auburn University.

Maurice Jackson talks about the uniqueness of the aquatic animals (fish, mussels and snails) in Alabama.

Maurice Jackson shows some of the types of rods and reels used for fishing.

HOFNOD instructors learn how to open and maintain a spincast reel.

HOFNOD instructors learned how to cast and how to teach casting.

Casting practice was done outside the Auburn Coliseum. 

See Page 2 for more pictures.

Hooked on Fishing - Not on DrugsTM is a trade mark program of the Future Fisherman Foundation. and is used in partnership with other programs.  The Alabama Wildlife and Frehwater Fisheries Division administers HOFNOD in Alabama.
Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs Logo

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