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Magnifying cages help students look at macroinvertebrates such as mayflies.

Students liked seeing what was caught before in Tannehill's streams.
stream at Tannehill
Many insects and snails need rocks to live on or hide under.

Flowing water keeps water cool and oxygenated. Flowing water also brings food to animals.
kids seining
Students help Mr. Jackson catch fish with a seine.
Shari Brewer, USFWS helps with Creek Kid seining.
A tricolor shiner
was caught in the seine.
Tannehill stream
MANY different types of fish, snails, mussels and crayfish live in Alabama streams.


finding invertebrates
creek kids

Creek Kids
Thank you counselors. The kids were great.

Shari Brewer at Cane Creek School in Tannehill Historical State Park
Thank you, Ms. Brewer of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, for helping us.

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