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Bread Center Kids

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The Bread Center Kids Are Creek Kids 2012

Sport Fish Restoration

Mrs. Morrison asks, "What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?" Students are always surprised to see pictures of a previous state record blue catfish.
Biologist Jerry Moss teaches students about the watershed with the aid of the Enviroscape model.

We used cocoa to represent dirt and silt, Kool-Aid for fertilizer, and a squirt bottle for rain.
Students see how rain can carry fertlizer and silt into our water supply.

Many students are shocked by how cold the water is the first time they visit Tannehill's bubbling spring.

The water is much colder than the nearby creeks because it begins in a deep underground lake. This type of water is also referred to as groundwater.

While waiting for the train to start this young man proudly poses with his friend.

Students enjoyed crossing the bridge while listening to the sounds of the creek.

After Mr. Moss speaks about dams and how they alter habitat students are encouraged to search the sluice for snails and mussels.

"Look at the Asiatic clams we found!"

Although Asiatic clams are an exotic species they have been in Alabama since the mid-1900s.

Mr. Moss shows off another exotic, the apple snail. We learned that apple snails are bad because they take food from smaller Alabama snails.

Biologist Moss instructs his assistants on the proper use of a seine.

After investigating our catch we determined that we had several minnows, a crayfish, and a small bluegill.

Next we searched under rocks for aquatic insects and other invertebrates.

Viewing scopes are helpful when looking at small specimens.

Mr. Moss assists students in preparing an invertebrate for viewing. Many students have never seen a Dobsonfly larvae before.

Everyone wanted to play in the creek one last time.

Thanks for the great fun!
Mrs. Brenda Morrison
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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