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Faith Chapel

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Faith Chapel Kids are Creek Kids

Sport Fish Restoration

Our adventure began at Tannehill's Cane Creek Schoolhouse where students learned some of the basics about pollution and the watershed.
Mrs. Morrison explained how fertilizer and mud can lead to pollution in our water supply using an Enviroscape model.

Along with the Enviroscape model students also saw an Eastern box turtle found in the park. Eastern box turtles are one of many turtles found in Alabama.
Mr. Moss introduces students to the famous bubbling springs of Tannehill. These springs are fed by groundwater.

These three friends waded onto a small "island" in the bubbling springs.

These young ladies are excited to be going on a train ride through our watershed.

Biologist Moss leads students on a short hike past the grist mill. The grist mill is one of the many attractions at Tannehill.

Everyone was excited to search for mussels and snails in the sluice.

"Look, I found an Asiatic clam."

We learned about the dangers of exotics including the Apple Snail.

The seine is a useful tool for catching small fish and invertebrates

Mr. Moss helped us catch several minnows and a fingerling Largemouth bass. The Largemouth bass is Alabama's state fish.

We were lucky enough to catch a Softshell turtle in our seine. Students were excited to see an animal somewhat uncommon in Tannehill's creeks.

The best place to search for invertebrates is under rocks.

Students were invited to help Mr. Moss search the stream for invertebrates.

"I want to see it!"

Faith Chapel had a great time learning about our aquatic environment at Tannehill.

Thanks for the great fun!
Mrs. Brenda Morrison
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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