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Delta Elementary participated in the Pond Owners Mentoring Kids Program. Thanks for the great fishing Mr. Alan White.

Fairhope students help to move channel catfish from stocking truck to the wet lab.
Fairhope High School students prepare to help raise some channel catfish fingerlings by moving them from the hatchery truck into their facilities.


Blake Lee from Fairhope High School's Aquascience Class and Kyle Bolton from the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (WFF) try to catch alligator gar in Mobile Delta using a gill net during January of 2012.  The Aquascience Class raised alligator gar in a partnership with WFF, and they were released in the Delta.
 Fairhope Students Release Alligator Gar
Mrs. Megan O'Neill watches a student Stephen Knowles measure an alligator gar raised by her 2009 Aquascience class at Fairhope High School. The alligator gar were released into the Mobile Delta, see article by David Rainer.

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